Hereditary dwarfism in German Shepherd dogs

Dear dog owner,

We would like to ask for your help in finding out more information on a specific condition, hereditary dwarfism, that affects German Shepherd dogs. If you can help us then your participation through this questionnaire would really help the breed and aid in allowing us to understand more about this unusual condition and how we can best treat affected dogs.

Therefore the purpose of this survey is to gain more scientific data concerning hereditary dwarfism in German Shepherd dogs. This disease is caused by a genetic defect. This defect has already been investigated and we would like to now obtain more data concerning the disease pattern. Therefore, we are looking for German Shepherd dogs that are affected by dwarfism and also unaffected German Shepherd dogs with a normal body size that will act as our control group.

If you are willing then this questionnaire can also be completed if your pet has sadly already passed away.

We really appreciate your help!


All data will be confidential and we will not reveal your name or personal details. We would only like to use the scientific data collected.


Thank you very much for taking your time to fill in this survey!



Stefanie Kitzmann, DVM

Clinic of Small Animal Medicine

Ludwig Maximilian University
Veterinaerstrasse 13
80539 Munich


E-mail: stefanie.kitzmann@campus.lmu.de